Canadian Currency Grading Service, Inc. (CCGS) shall not be liable for any grading discrepancies, or differences. The grade offered is the opinion of CCGS. Grading is a combination of experience and judgment. Grades may vary from grader to grader. CCGS will do its best to adhere to the standards that are set by CCGS. CCGS has insurance to cover the value of the currency in our possession for grading. CCGS will lot each note when it arrives. Currency will only be handled during the grading and encapsulation process by experienced personnel.

Once the customer receives his graded notes CCGS is no longer responsible for the condition of the note, or the holder. This includes any problems caused by removing the note from the holder, or damage to the note and holder by any means whatsoever.

CCGS will not be liable for any damage or negligence in the handling of currency while at CCGS, unless notice is given with a signature by courier or mail within seven days of receiving the note by the owner.

Once a note is sent in for grading CCGS will be entitled to the fee agreed to on the submission form. This fee will be collected even if the note does not meet the owner's, or CCGS's, grading standards.

CCGS will not be held liable if unable to grade a note in a specified period of time.

CCGS will not be held liable for any clerical errors in the grading of a note, except to correct the error.